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Game Mobile Legends: Three Heroes You Need to Fight Gloo

Game Mobile Legends: Being able to choose the right heroes is very important in Bang Bang. Gloo, the tank with special abilities, is a hero who can be tough. Check out these three heroes that can not only fight Gloo but also give you the upper hand in the battle.

Game Mobile Legends: Alpha: The Blade of Dread

It can be hard to beat Gloo early in the game, but not if you pick Alpha. His Blade of Enmity is very powerful, making it hard for the Swamp Spirit to take over the lane. Delta is a real threat because of his Force Swing skill, which is a great way to fight Gloo’s Split, Split ultimate. Since split Gloos are units, Alpha can be quickly healed with a single swing, making him a very dangerous enemy. You can successfully stop Gloo’s advances if you play strategically with Alpha.

Game Mobile Legends: Alice: Getting Used to the Swamp

Most heroes run away from the chaos when Gloo uses its final move. Alice, on the other hand, does something different. For her, the most important thing is to get close. Blood Ode is Alice’s ultimate ability. It heals heroes and takes away HP from enemies in a circle. The more heroes in the circle, the more she heals. Blood Ode followed by Winter Truncheon is a smart move that not only heals Alice but also stops Gloo from attaching itself. If you embrace the swamp with Alice, you’ll be able to turn the tide of fights in a stylish way.

Claude: Sneaky and Powerful

What is Gloo’s worst nightmare? That’s Claude, the quick and agile hero who is impossible to catch. Claude is the only one who can stack Art of Thievery against tiny Gloos during the Split, Split phase. Every hit Claude takes makes his attack and moving speed stronger, making him a powerful opponent. Because his skills are a perfect match for Gloo’s kit, Claude is the best person to stop Gloo during the whole game.

Finally, pick wisely and play smart.

In Mobile Legends, the world is always changing, so fighting heroes like Gloo takes careful choice and strategic play. When you face Gloo, remember how strong Alpha’s Blade of Enmity is, how Alice embraced the water, and how Claude’s control is hard to pin down. If you pick these heroes and learn how to use their skills, you’ll be ready to face Gloo’s tasks and win on the battlefield. Make a smart choice, play smart, and start the counter-play with VTBET! These heroes can help you beat the tough Gloo. No matter how long you’ve been playing or how new you are.


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